Stefanie Perez - MSN, FNP-C
A rapid fire review to help you pass the AANP exam!
Eliminate Academic Stress & Build Confidence for success!! 
This 30 minute video combines pearls from Leik, Hollier, Barkley, and Latrina Walden!
Why spend thousands taking 3 day reviews that cover general topics when you can take a 30 minute review that is specific to the AANP!
Who am I?
Hello my name is Stefanie Perez! I have taken plenty of live reviews and have put this study material together for you to have a clear understanding of what to study. I graduated from Chamberlain College of Nursing and did complete their BSN-FNP program ahead of schedule. I later went on take the AANP exam and was shocked at how fast I was finished, it took me a little over 60 minutes to complete 150 questions. I love helping students eliminate the academic stress that school inevitably brings, so I knew I needed to put this together. I have been featured on Chamberlain College of Nursing's website as well as WINK News in South Florida for my artificial intelligence app created to help students save time when writing long papers. I'm excited to continue helping students grow! 
What We Will Cover In This Review:
Important topics:
Bullet points with valuable information. 

Ideas, to help you view options presented in other ways.

My goal is not to give you answers, my goal is to question your knowledge. 

You will be able to write down topics and look them up on your own.

Together we will help improve studying efficiency.

Stress & Confidence:
You'll know by the end of this review if you are ready to test.

Stress many times is due to not fully understanding how to tackle your studying. 

Cheers to success! 

You'll know if you're ready to test by the end of this review! 

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